Monday, May 13, 2013

Well the months have unfortunately gone very quickly since my last post!  Hard to believe that we are well into the Spring...wish we had some Spring-like weather instead of the mid 40s that we have been plagued with since March!  Despite the chilly temps and rainy days we are still delivering boats and helping get new families out on the water to share in the boating lifestyle!  You can see all of their maiden voyage pictures on our facebook page!
The Spend-A-Day Rental Department is getting into full swing also!  This weekend, the new crew braved the wind and stood out on the docks while I taught them how to tie a half hitch.  "Pull the rope tight against the dock post, flip the rope over itself to make a backwards "D" and then flip over the dock post, then pull tight."  It didn't take them long to be pretty efficient at this simple yet widely used knot.  They were very anxious to learn how to moor the fleet of new 2013 Bennington Triple Tube boats and 2013 JC TriToons correctly.  We are just getting started in this department so I am sure there will be more stories to share as they get going.  Most of the kids are boating novices so boater's licences, docking practice, and boating basics are in their future.
On a more personal note, my four and a half month old daughter is ready for her first boat ride!  She has a boating hat, boating sunglasses, and even little boat shoes!  I am sure her Daddy will have a rash guard for her too when we get out the wakeboarding boat.  After all, she has to look the part:)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

As the season comes to a close at Indian Lake, I have decided to venture into the world of blogging!  What my goal is: to be able to provide quick, easy, and relevant boating information to all those who share the same passion as I do, being out on the water, leaving my land-locked existence!  Some posts may be specific to our lake in Central Ohio, Indian Lake, and some may span the waters of the world!  I look forward to taking you through my journey of working in a family owned and operated marina while continuing to explore my own boating passions with my growing family.
A little background: My Grandfather and Grandmother started Spend-A-Day Marina in 1950 as a boat rental facility on Indian Lake.   Since then, we have had stores in Florida, Kentucky, Columbus (Ohio) and most recently a second store on Indian Lake.  We currently have two stores on Indian Lake where my Father and Mother oversee the operations.
Where do I come in?  After working at the marina through high school; pumping gas, sending out rental boats, and spending endless hours with Simple Green and scrub brush in my hands I swore I was never coming back to Indian Lake.  Well, two years after college and a jaunt in NYC, here I am...again...and loving it!  There is nothing like being able to come into work everyday and truly enjoy the work that you do.  At Spend-A-Day, we don't just sell and service boats, we help keep people enjoying their passion, we introduce new boaters to the world on the water, we keep families together by providing one of the few things in today's world that every age group can enjoy!
Even after my Grandfather passed and it became increasingly difficult for my Grandmother to get around, one of her favorite things to do was to get some fried chicken dinners, go for a boat ride in the evening, and enjoy a family dinner cruising on the water.  There isn't much in this world that can match the experience of taking a dinner cruise with your family:)
I look forward to being able to continue these boating traditions with my family and I am proud to have the opportunity to help others open the door to the water with their families.
As the next season of boating starts to ramp up I hope you will enjoy my posts, anecdotes, and tips.
Remember..."Where land begins."